We work on human-centered Artificial Intelligence (AI). On a trustworthy, ethical technology that enhances human capabilities. Our mission is to empower citizens and society to benefit from the AI revolution we are undergoing and to avoid the challenges of our age.

Our aim is to build an Artificial Intelligence Department that is listed among the bests in Europe and is the number one in Hungary in Computational Intelligence and Composite AI. To this end, we work with a diverse set of technologies, like Deep Learning, Evolutionary Technologies, Embodied and Societal Intelligence.

Our department is the embodiement of the cooperation between ELTE and Bosch. We proudly believe that industry-academy collaboration is a most fruitful driver of research and technology education that combines scientific rigour with practical relevance. This creates synergies that result in excellence not only in research and education, but in innovation as well.


Code #LikeABosch – Hackademix a student competition to determine vehicles localization

Bosch Hungary is launching a third-time competition for students on self-driving car location problems, open to all BSc and MSc students from ELTE, BME, ÓE, and PPKE.

The task is to develop and design an algorithm to determine a vehicle's odometry – the change of the location through time – in the streets of Budapest using 3D LIDAR Point clouds and camera images. If you are enthusiastic about computer vision, artificial intelligence, or autonomous driving, do not miss this opportunity and apply for this challenge. We give you the freedom to choose the programming language and the development tools only the input and output interfaces are given. The first training sequence will be available from the 1 st of June, and we will provide several new datasets during the year.

The TOP 10 solutions will be showcased in the contest final at @Bosch Innovation Campus. The competitors will receive the last dataset at the final after running their application, they have to present their solution to the jury and audience. The all-day event is open for all competitors of the student challenge who can gain insights into the most exciting research in self-driving cars during the all-day program.

We reward the best solutions with #money.

The application deadline is (send the solution): 2023.12.17. 23:59 pm

You can find all information About Hackademix on the website below:

*click for details.


Call for applications for ELTE FoI students.

To conduct research supported by an academic grant, in the framework of an industry-academia collaboration led by the Department of Artificial Intelligence.

The research is a collaboration between the ELTE FoI Department of Artificial Intelligence and Robert Bosch Kft. We welcome applications from talented young students on the following topics:

Image and video processing algorithms in artificial intelligence and development of methodology in robotics applicable in industrial applications

Application can be made in accordance of the call, after consultation with the topic leader, with a specific task and work plan.

Deadline for submission of applications: continuous, until the 12th of the month concerned.

(For any questions contact: Magdolna Nagy and Márk Domonkos)

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